For every anchor that UST, Inc. sells, $1.00 is donated to the "Believe" Foundation
to help workers & families of workers who have been injured on the job.



In those who give so much of themselves to make our lives what they are today. If not for
our linemen and the families that support them, we would not enjoy life to it’s fullest.

We want those who use our products now to believe in the safety of doing so and in turn educate all those that will follow to create a safety culture that will protect all workers.

Love unites us in all we do, especially in our industry. By creating a safety culture in which all can live, we thus help build a world in which all are free to love.

Inspiration comes from the heart and the mind. Together, we can all make a vast difference in how those around us view safety. Inspiration is contagious and touches all around us.

Our industry has seen substantial change over the decades. Fall protection safety is one of the next steps of the evolutionary process - a process that helps protect life

Believing in Safety:

Monetary value is placed on items for most everything today. UST values the opportunity to have you use its equipment to protect your valuable possessions.

Energy flows in all of us all throughout our lives. Please help us keep the energy on by being safe in all you do.

To every home in the United States, we would not enjoy life to the fullest. At the same time, though, the industry and workers that provide us our electricity are facing special problems in keeping their workers safe from numerous types of disabling and deadly injuries. Electrocutions rank as the number one killer of utility workers. Falls from poles and buckets are always a close runner-up due to the fact that power and telecom lines start

Simple product for a complex problem. The anchors are designed to simply replace the existing washers in exchange for an OSHA compliant, long-lasting tie-off point. The "Believe" Foundation was one of the founding principle ideas for Utility Safety Technologies. We have made sure that it will not only help those who have been injured, but it will also help educate all so that we can avoid such accidents in the future...

From the moment we set out in starting UST, the "Believe" foundation has been an integral part of what we do and the decisions that we make. Our goal is to take the "Believe" foundation from a humble beginning in Seattle, WA to a worldwide safety awareness program focusing on the utility industry.

Supporting the Utility Industry

The utility industry is one of the most fascinating occupations for a number of reasons. These are the workers that literally make our lives what they are today. Without the power and electricity that is run (usually) at 20’+ and go up from there. Workers are exposed to falls from a height almost every day that they are on the job. Utility workers are consistently ranked as "one of Americas most dangerous jobs" (Forbe’s top 10 most dangerous jobs). Our goal is to provide a product that can be implemented on to existing and new poles that will
provide a safe and secure anchorage for your personal fall protection equipment.

Giving to Those In Need

Giving money to pay for food, medical bills, rent/mortgage, and other expenses is why the "Believe"
foundation was started. Companies who use the UST brand of fall protection anchors can also
contribute funds to the foundation in order to help those in need.

We believe in our industry, in the workers, and our products to protect those working from heights.
Utility Safety Technologies would like to thank all of our customers for their support.

~ The UST, Inc. Team