M.U.T.T. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will the M.U.T.T. meet the new OSHA Best Practice on Wood Pole Fall Protection?
Yes. The M.U.T.T. exceeds the new strict OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269 while working on the poles as well as exceed ANSI and CSA Standards.

I already use the Buck Squeeze, Miller Stop Fall (or similar device) why should I use the M.U.T.T.? 
The M.U.T.T. can be used as a primary anchorage point when you get to your working location. Additionally, it also is a secondary option to tie-off to when ascending or descending at your cut-out locations. The M.U.T.T. also has the added benefit of being a rescue point at any location along the pole. The M.U.T.T. is extremely cost effective when compared to other fall protection options available.

Is the M.U.T.T. only a safety device?
No. The M.U.T.T. was designed primarily with safety in mind but as a multi-use tool linemen can use it in a variety of ways including rigging and hoisting. The multi-uses make it versatile and easy to use for multiple applications. To learn more visit the M.U.T.T. product page.

How long does it take to install a M.U.T.T.? 
A M.U.T.T. can be installed in just a few minutes and will be there for the life of the pole.

I cannot have things in my way when I am working on the pole. Won't this interfere with my work? 
The M.U.T.T. is designed to be very low profile and stays out of your way. It is less intrusive than many of the bolts or other hardware already on the pole.

I am not using anything right now, why should I start using the M.U.T.T.? 
The M.U.T.T. was designed to make your job easier and safer in all respects and is extremely versatile. It can be used for hoisting, rigging, and many other uses. Instead of using a hand-line for hoisting or rigging, the M.U.T.T. is stronger, safer, faster, and more secure.

During inclement weather, the pole can be covered with snow and ice which makes it difficult to use straps. The M.U.T.T. is permanently attached to the pole which makes it easy to attach and tie-off to without the risk of slipping. Additionally, the M.U.T.T. won’t get hung up or catch on obstructions while you are trying to do your work.

I do not want to use a harness while climbing but I want to still use the M.U.T.T., can I? 
Yes, as long as you rig yourself so that you can fall no more than 2 feet. If you do wear a full body harness, you will have more room to travel while tied-off to the M.U.T.T.. Use the M.U.T.T. as a secondary tie-off point at your static working location on the pole.

Can the M.U.T.T. be used in our rescue plan? 
Yes. Every pole that is specified with a M.U.T.T. can now be used in your rescue planning as the primary tie-off point. The M.U.T.T. can be retrofitted onto any existing 5/8 through bolt or attached using a pound in style bolt on-site thus allowing you to use it for rescue when you start work