The Multi-Use Technical Tool (M.U.T.T.)
The M.U.T.T was designed with versatility in mind for the unique environment of the utility industry, specifically for working from any type of structure or equipment that requires the use of a fall arrest device and/or needs the placement of a tool that can be used for rigging, hoisting, and rescue. The M.U.T.T is intended to be placed in key locations on the pole to increase lineman efficiency and safety.

The M.U.T.T installs quickly and easily on existing through bolts and by design replaces the existing washer. On new poles, the anchor can be specified at predetermined locations as a “prevention through design” product for multiple intended uses.

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The design is simple, direct and based on utility industry standards. It has been engineered and manufactured specifically to integrate into the current environment, matching the hardware and tools that are used on a daily basis by Linemen. Heavy duty 3/16” steel washer plate with a radius to match pole, hot dipped galvanized finish for durability and extended life in the field, and a proof loaded D-ring that will endure the stresses of its intended use including fall protection. We took the advice from linemen, contractors, safety professionals, union representatives and other experts in the Utility Industry to arrive at the current design ensuring that The M.U.T.T meets the needs of your current work processes and fits in seamlessly.
If you are interested in a custom application or design please contact us as we would be happy to talk with you about it and provide a solution.

The M.U.T.T. is more than just an anchor point for rescue or personal fall protection. Utility companies are currently using it for rigging, hoisting and in various other ways. We encourage users in the field to look for additional uses, document them and provide feedback to us to continue to expand the value of the M.U.T.T. Easily mounted at any height, simple and cost-effective to retrofit onto existing 5/8” hardware and fully compliant with the OSHA 1910:210 standard.
Some uses are:

  •  As a rated rigging point on wood, steel, poles, lattice, substation equipment or substation structures.
  •  As a primary or secondary fall protection on wood, steel, poles, lattice, substation equipment or substation structures.
  • Convenient and rated place to hang your handline above your head with a hot stick without violating the minimum approach distance.
  • Pole-top rescue.

The M.U.T.T. is extremely strong and is designed to be durable and functional even under the most adverse environments. In upset conditions such as storms, outages, emergencies, snow, etc. the value of The M.U.T.T. will be evident and during your standard work process with on a pole, it will ensure your tasks are completed efficiently and safely. Our engineering department designed The M.U.T.T. to meet or exceed current OSHA, ANSI, and CSA requirements for a fall protection. It. has an ultimate breaking strength of over 8,900 pounds and pull-test strength of over 8,000 pounds using 5/8” hardware. The patented design has a vertically swiveling D-ring that moves with the worker and has a 50-year life expectancy.
Featured Uses

Material (mounting plate): A36 – 3/16” steel hot dipped galvanized
Material (D-ring): Drop forged steel with di-chromate and hot dipped galvanized finish
Strength (mounting plate): 8,930 pounds ultimate
Strength (D-ring): 5,000 pounds minimum breaking and proof tested to 3,600 pounds
Pull Test Strength: 8,000+ with 5/8” hot dipped galvanized through bolt
Complies with: OSHA, ANSI, and CSA Standards
Mounting Hardware: Minimum 5/8” hot dipped through bolts

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