Rescue M.U.T.T.
The Rescue M.U.T.T.s ease of installation, versatility, and ability to be placed at any location on the pole make it a required tool for fall protection rescue operations or any emergency situation. Simply installed using 2 industry standard Kortick style pound in anchor bolts create an OSHA compliant, 5,000 pounds rated anchor point. The Rescue M.U.T.T. was designed and built for emergency and rescue in mind but is versatile enough for virtually any situation to the linemen work environments such as rigging, hoisting, and fall protection.

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The Rescue M.U.T.T. was designed to install on wood poles using 2 industry standard Kortick style pound in anchor bolts. By engineering the anchor design with side-by-side bolts we do not compromise the integrity of the pole. The Rescue M.U.T.T. is able to sustain over a 5,000-pound force load thus meeting or exceeding all OSHA and DOL regulations in place. The Rescue M.U.T.T. follows the design protocol of the standard M.U.T.T. and permits it to be left in place permanently for the life of the pole.

Efficient installation and cost-effective the Rescue M.U.T.T. can realistically be placed in every linemen’s tool bag and on every crew's truck. This OSHA compliant, multi-use tool is also versatile enough to meet the requirements or field rigging, hoisting, and fall protection. The Rescue M.U.T.T. allows your crews to be as prepared as possible in an upset emergency condition and provides a tool for a variety of other practical uses.

The Rescue M.U.T.T. is extremely strong and is designed to be durable and functional even under the most adverse environments. In upset conditions such as storms, outages, emergencies, snow, etc. the value of the Rescue M.U.T.T. will be evident during your standard work process. While on a pole it will ensure your tasks are completed efficiently and safely. Our engineering department designed the Rescue M.U.T.T. to meet or exceed current OSHA, ANSI, and CSA requirements for a fall protection and rescue. It. has an ultimate breaking strength of over 7,000 pounds and pull-test strength of over 5,000 pounds when installed using 2 industry standard Kortick style pound in anchor bolts. The patented design has a vertically swiveling D-ring that moves with the worker and has a 50-year life expectancy.

Material (mounting plate): A36 – 3/16” steel hot dipped galvanized
Material (D-ring): Drop forged steel with di-chromate and hot dipped galvanized finish
Strength (mounting plate): 7,000 pounds ultimate
Strength (D-ring): 5,000 pounds minimum breaking and proof tested to 3,600 pounds
Pull Test Strength: 7,500 pounds with 2 ea. 5/8” X 6 kortick bolts
Complies with: OSHA, ANSI, and CSA Standards
Mounting Hardware: Minimum 5/8” X 4 kortick-style pound in screws

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